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John Bollinger

The official software for systems
based on the techniques created by John Bollinger

BB Power is a tool kit for traders who want to implement the power of Bollinger Bands. It includes 26 indicators and four trading systems covering the major aspects of Bollinger Bands.

BB Power takes Bollinger Bands to the next level. It provides buy and sell signals for four trading systems, alerts and a charting system that includes Bollinger Bands and a choice of 26 indicators. Developed in accordance with John Bollinger's instructions, BB Power is a highly effective system for traders who want to take advantage of reliable strategies and approaches created by a prominent trader and analyst with more than twenty years experience in the markets!

The potential of BB Power is practically unlimited. Some of the tools are free standing and can be used on their own, while others are of greater worth when combined with other indicators or analytical tools. The software is especially designed to offer the maximum flexibility and therefore the greatest potential.

BB Power includes the following:

• Bollinger Bands
• BandWidth
• %b
• Normalized Volume
• Accumulation-Distribution - open form
• Accumulation-Distribution - %oscillator
• Intraday Intensity - open form
• Intraday Intensity - %oscillator
• Negative Volume Index
• Positive Volume Index
• On Balance Volume - open form
• On Balance Volume - %oscillator
• Volume-Price Trend - open form
• Volume-Price Trend - closed form
• Money Flow Index
• Volume Oscillator
• Volume-Weighted MACD
• Normalized momentum indicators
• Normalized trend indicators
• Normalized Volume Indicators
• A Bollinger Band chart template with II% and BandWidth

BB Power uses end-of-day, Metastock ® format data.

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BB Power does not constitute an advisory service nor a solicitation of investments. It is a technical analysis software, which scours historical performance and simulates trades through the application of certain rules described in the attached documentation.
No warranty is provided as to reliability of BB Power simulations.
Investors in equities, derivatives or other financial instruments are aware they trade at their own risk.